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Solar Power

HBL is one stop solution for Solar panel, Structures, Inverters (PCU’s), Battery & and EPC for Turnkey projects.

HBL has in-house manufacturing facilities for many parts of the solar system that are normally outsourced by other solar power project integrators.

Solar PV power generating systems can be offered with off-grid (grid tied) and on-grid modes.

In off-grid (grid tied) systems, there will be a battery backup to meet the loads during non-solar availability hours.

In on-grid systems, the load runs with solar and any excess power availability will be fed to the grid & revenue can be generated against it.

SUJALA - Solar pump: Solar pump is another upcoming market segment and with affordable technology availability, (running the existing AC-3phase submersible pumps with solar through a specially designed controller) farmers are far more keen on opting for solar power. Government bodies also are encouraging the solar pumps with suitable subsidiaries and loans.

Having its headquarters in Hyderabad. India, with factories & sales offices in various parts of the country & distributors/agents in many countries to cater to its rapidly-growing export business.

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