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Our Products


  • Fibre PNE

    Fibre PNE

    Nickel cadmium Fibre PNE are constructed using Fibre positive and Pasted negative electrodes. The pasted negative e ..

  • Photolite


    Send email to for further i ..

  • KSH for Engine Start

    KSH for Engine Start

    Sintered Positive and Pasted Negative

    Nickel cadmium KSH range of batteries for high power ..

  • Vented Pocket Plate - HSL+

    Vented Pocket Plate - HSL+

     HSL+ : Nickel Cadmium Pocket Plate Batteries

    HSL+ type of Nickel Cadmium Battery ..

  • Reserve Batteries

    Reserve Batteries

    Lithium and Lead Reserve Batteries are used in Fuzes of various Military and Naval weapon systems, Projectiles, Bom ..

  • Torpedo Battery

    Torpedo Battery

    HBL has been working extensively for the past 3 decades in indigenously designing and developing Silver Oxide-Zinc ..

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Power Electronics

  • Power Saver

    Power Saver

    Power Saver

    Our Power Saver is an integrated system that is equipped with microcontroller ..

  • Earth Leakage Monitor

    Earth Leakage Monitor

    Earth Leakage Monitor

    Unexpected breakdowns in the electricity supply produce very high ec ..

  • Integrated Power Supply

    Integrated Power Supply

    Integrated Power

    We introduced India’s first Integrated Power Supply system in 1999 ..

  • Battery Monitoring System

    Battery Monitoring System

    Our Battery monitoring system ensures the optimal usage of energy inside the battery powering the product. It smart ..

  • Thyristor Battery Charger

    Thyristor Battery Charger

    Thyristor Battery Charger

    Thyristor based battery charger uses Thyristor switching princip ..

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Concrete Products

  • Spun Concrete Poles

    Spun Concrete Poles

    HBL Power Systems Limited offers state-of-the-art technology Precast Pre-stressed Spun Concrete Poles for Power Tra ..

  • Spun Concrete Piles

    Spun Concrete Piles

    Pre-stressed Concrete Circular Spun Piles are an International phenomenon and in use all over the World particularl ..

  • Spun Concrete Telecom Towers

    Spun Concrete Telecom Towers

    HBL has manufactured and erected Spun Concrete Towers for telecom of 40 meter height for the first time in Asia. Th ..

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Renewable energy

  • Rooftop Systems

    Rooftop Systems

    Rooftop Systems

    HBL SOLAR: HBL provides SOLAR PV Roof Top systems from 1 kW to 100 kw in O ..

  • Sujala - Solar Pumps

    Sujala - Solar Pumps

    Sujala Solar Pumps

    HBL-SUJALA offers an innovative solution that converts solar energy to ..

  • SPV Modules

    SPV Modules

    SPV Modules

    HBL Power Systems is an Indian company with diversified products like DC Power ..

  • Rentar - Fuel Catalyst

    Rentar - Fuel Catalyst


    Green Products Division (GPD) of HBL Power Systems Limited strives to offer product ..

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Engineering Solutions

  • Defense Projects

    Defense Projects

    Our Engineering project division is set to meet objectives along the lines of our corporate vision "Our choice is f ..

  • Battery Boxes for Rolling Stock

    Battery Boxes for Rolling Stock
  • Digital Axle Counter

    Digital Axle Counter

    Digital Axle Counter