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Power Utilities

Dependable back up power plays an important role in protecting equipment that support power generation, transmission and distribution. There are many types of equipment in Utility that service critical parts of our world. HBL is proud to be part of such important domain. 

Transmission and Distribution substations: HBL designs and manufactures a wide range of batteries and associated chargers to satisfy the demanding needs of the utility substation owner. Switch tripping and reclosing batteries from HBL are deployed in some of the most demanding environments in utilities. Backup power for substations telecommunications and SCADA is also an HBL specialty. We offer full design service and support for the products we sell. 

Generating Stations: HBL supplies high capacity, high reliability batteries and SCR chargers for turbine starting, backup and control systems.  

We offer a full customized service for any specific needs of your project.

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