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HBL has an extremely active defense business. We serve the Indian armed forces and their prime contractors with both products and services tailored to the demanding needs of our customers. HBL utilizes the depth of our engineering group to provide the most resilient, compliant products expected by military customers – and we are able to do this while meeting the confidentiality and security needs of our partners and end users.

HBL offers foreign defense contractors, operating in India, support to satisfy the offset obligations dictated in many major defense contracts. HBL has both a proven track record and 100% Indian based resources to maximize the offset credit available. We also provide products on approved export programs for military organizations outside India.


  • Aircraft batteries for military airframes – fixed and rotor wing.
  • Torpedo Batteries.
  • Submarine propulsion batteries.
  • Missile Batteries.
  • UAV Batteries.
  • Fuze batteries.
  • Battle tank batteries.


  • Night vision devices.
  • Electronic modules.
  • Wiring harnesses.

Projects and Development Contracts

  • Contract and collaborative R&D programs.
  • Propulsion and motors development.
  • Environmental testing.
  • “Build to Print” and “Build to Spec” contract manufacturing.

 Precision Engineering

  • Complex product manufacture to MIL standards.
  • Training simulators.

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