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New Developments

  • Engineering challenges are core strength of HBL

    HBL is continually developing new products to address the challenges faced by our customers. We are proud to work with some of the world’s leading engineering companies and end users to ensure they have the product that exactly matches their needs – without compromises. These include Siemens, Alstom, DCNS, Learjet and GE to name a few. HBL can leverage our in-house engineering talents, the lower cost base of our factories and our vertical integration to provide new and customized solutions to very tight timetables.

  • HBL Develops New, Cost Effective Pure Lead Batteries for Diesel Generator Starting

    The most common reason for a standby generator to fail to start is a failed starter battery. HBL has provided a better solution to the existing truck batteries that have commonly been used for this application. HBL turned to our experience with NATO battle tanks – and developed not only a highly reliable pure lead battery but also the charging system for the battery. HBL provides a simple, reliable solution that ensures the engine will start when called upon by connecting a charger to the battery to keep the battery fully charged always. The Pure Lead-Tin battery provides the high performance needed for engine starting, fast recharge capability and extremely long shelf life when not in use. HBL is now the supplier of choice – and Cummins customers are assured of the most reliable engine package available today.