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HBL introduces Pure Lead VRLA “Data Shield” batteries

HBL introduces new range of Pure Lead VRLA batteries under brand name “Data Shield” to provide highest discharge rates for critical Data Center and UPS applications.

Data centers are critical business hubs for banks, insurance companies, government institutions and many businesses. This application requires the best available battery to deliver the load for a typical duration of 5 to 15 minutes.

Uninterruptible Power Solution support with critical energy for short durations. HBL batteries are designed to provide efficient back up power for UPS systems.

Advantages of HBL Data Shield batteries include Pure lead plates, No topping up or Maintenance free, Battery posts with copper inserts, Faster recharge than traditional AGM VRLA batteries, Flame retardant case materials, and UL recognized components

Data Shield batteries are available in 13 sizes with 5 minute ratings from 109-2520 watts per cell.

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