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Our Markets


HBL has an extremely active defense business. We serve the Indian armed forces and their prime contractors with both products and services tailored to the demanding needs of our customers. HBL utilizes the depth of our engineering group to provide the most resilient, compliant products expected by military customers – and we are able to do this wh ..


The telecom industry worldwide has experienced high growth in the past 5 years. Service providers are working to improve connectivity to their customers not only for voice but also in data. 

In such networks, dependable back up power is essential. HBL designs, manufactures and maintains the power required for your network. 

HBL ..

Oil & Gas

Upstream or downstream operations in the oil and gas industry demand the most reliable backup power supplies of any application in the world today. Power is required not only for operations but also for life safety systems and environmental protection. 

HBL batteries and power electronics offer dependable critical back up power in some of t ..

Power Utilities

Dependable back up power plays an important role in protecting equipment that support power generation, transmission and distribution. There are many types of equipment in Utility that service critical parts of our world. HBL is proud to be part of such important domain. 

Transmission and Distribution substations: HBL designs and manufactur ..

UPS and Inverter Batteries

The need for reliable power in our world today grows every day. Increasingly homes and businesses are utilizing UPS and Inverters to ensure that the critical systems in our lives remain powered at all times.

HBL has the widest range of batteries available from a single manufacturer anywhere in the world to serve this market. We understand the ne ..

Solar Power

HBL is one stop solution for Solar panel, Battery, ON Grid Inverter 'GridLink', Solar Pump Inverter 'Sujala' & Solar Rooftop Solutions.

Solar PV power generating systems can be offered with off-grid and on-grid (Grid Tied) modes.

In off-grid systems, there will be a battery backup to meet the loads during non-solar availability hou ..