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Pure Lead Thin Plate Technology Batteries for UPS And Data Centers

Pure Lead Thin Plate Technology Batteries for UPS and Data Centers

“Pure Lead Thin Plate Technology” is an advanced lead acid technology ideally suited to high rate discharge applications where TOTAL reliability is demanded.

Uninterruptible Power Solution for Data Centers

Data centers are critical business hubs for banks, insurance companies, government institutions and many other institutions. A totally reliable power supply is needed for their operations. UPS are typically used in parallel with diesel generators. On failure of the grid power the UPS takes on the load – while the generator is started, stabilized and switched to take over the critical loads. For the power system to be totally reliable the facilities engineer needs a totally reliable battery. This application requires the best available battery to deliver the load for a typical duration of 5 to 15 minutes. Thereafter the loads will have switched to the alternate DG power

Pure Lead Thin Plate Technology batteries are tested and validated by Intertek India PVT LTD as per IEC 60896-21 & 22:2004.

Superior Features

  • Pure Lead Thin Plate Technology Batteries deliver current at very high rates - ensuring the load and allowing the minimum size battery to be installed. These batteries (PLT) can typically save you 30% of the needed capacity when compared to 2V AGM VRLA batteries, reducing your valuable floor space and cost.
  • Total reliability – HBL’s Pure Lead Thin Plate Technology (PLT) batteries are highly reliable.
  • These batteries can be recharged very quickly – ensuring you are ready for a second outage in record time
  • These batteries are VRLA type and thus needs to maintenance.
  • These batteries can be installed in cabinets or on racks
  • Front access terminal batteries for ETSI 19” and 23” cabinets.
  • Flame retardant plastic containers (optional requirement)

Product Range

  • 12V – 70Ah to 160Ah
  • 2V – 300Ah and 400Ah
  • FT 12V – 75Ah, 100Ah & 110Ah


  • UPS

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