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X Cell Power Pack - PLT battery with built in charger

X Cell Power Pack - PLT battery with built in charger

The Pure Lead-Tin VRLA battery has an unmatched peak power performance due to its thin plate design. This is a sealed maintenance free battery with no topping up required for life.

The Charger

The sophisticated SMPS battery charger with in-built protection ensures optimum charging of the batteries always. The periodic running of the Genset to charge the battery is therefore eliminated.

Superior Features and Benefits

Maintenance Free : No Topping up or Specific Gravity Checks

Ready-to-use : Filled and Factory Charged

Reliability : In-built Charger ensures that Battery is always Fully Charged

Cost Advantage : Low Cost of Ownership over its Long Life Time

X-cell  : Integrated Battery + Charger System

Product Range

Power Pack for 15KVA to 1500KVA Gensets


  • Genset starting

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