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IGNITE Batteries for Automotive (Heavy Earth Moving Machinery-HEMM)

IGNITE Batteries for Automotive (Heavy Earth Moving Machinery-HEMM)

IGNITE batteries are manufactured by HBL using state-of-the-art Pure Lead Tin technology that helps to deliver higher cranking current and longer shelf life than ordinary batteries.

IGNITE batteries are tested and certified by ETDC, Govt. of India as per

IEC 60095-1:2006.

Superior Features

  • High cranking current capability. Hence, smaller & lighter batteries for the same job.
  • Zero Maintenance: No Specific Gravity checks, No top-up of DI water during its life-time
  • Factory charged: Delivered in filled and charged condition (Ready to use)
  • Battery terminals with copper alloy: High electric conductivity, wear and tear reduced no loose contacts or sulphation of terminals.
  • Low self-discharge: Ensures the START even after idle for long durations Product Range
  • 12V – 80Ah, 100Ah & 160Ah


  • Engine starting (Heavy Earth moving machinery)
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