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Triumph - Tubular Gel VRLA Batteries for Solar Photovoltaic

Triumph - Tubular Gel VRLA Batteries for Solar Photovoltaic

Charge input from solar arrays sometimes is insufficient to keep the batteries fully charged. During sun-less days, batteries are discharged but not charged. These conditions result in battery operating in Partial State of Charge (PSOC), Cycling and Deep-cycling. Also, solar systems are installed in open atmosphere exposing the batteries to extreme temperatures. Other lead acid batteries fail in such conditions due to sulphation, stratification, corrosion and plate shedding. Moreover, remote solar installations make water top-up difficult and costs money.

To meet such rigors of usage HBL introduces a maintenance free (no water top-up) Tubular Gel VRLA battery with unbeatable combination of Tubular plate and gelled electrolyte, which is a perfect fit for all solar applications.

Tubular Gel VRLA batteries are tested and certified as per IEC 60896-21&22:2004 & IEC 61427:2005.

Superior Features & Benefits

  • Tubular positive plates - proven cycling and deep cycling capabilities.
  • Gelled electrolyte - no stratification and no failure due to PSOC.
  • Valve regulated - no water top up during service life.
  • Antimony free alloy - longer shelf life because of very low self discharge.
  • High pressure die-cast spine grids - rate of grid corrosion is very low & higher float life.
  • Supplied in filled and charged condition - 100% capacity on first discharge.
  • Versatile in mounting - can be mounted both in horizontal and vertical orientation.

Product Range

  • 12V - 40Ah, 75Ah, 100Ah, 125Ah, 150Ah, 175Ah
  • 2V – 200Ah to 1250Ah (Parallel models up to 5000Ah can be offered)


  • Rural Electrification
  • Street Lighting / Home Lighting
  • Telecommunication
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Hybrid Power Systems
  • Navigational Aids

Batteries can be selected from the above range for a given application. Contact HBL for your battery sizing requirements

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