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Taurus Industrial Batteries

Taurus Industrial Batteries

Taurus offers two types of series NDP (Normal Discharge Performance) & HDP (High Discharge Performance) complying to IS 1651 specification. These products cover a wide capacity range that permits selection of an optimum battery for a given application.

Superior Features

  • Taurus Tubular batteries are made of robust & aesthetically superior PPSFM (Polypropylene Structural Foam Molded for improved rigidity) container.
  • Positive spine grids produced on high pressure die casting (HADI) machines gives defect-free grid with fine grain structure. Results in excellent corrosion resistance and long life.
  • High acid reservoir resulting in reduced need for water top-up even in extreme environmental conditions.
  • Low antimony alloy minimizes water loss there by reduces the topping up frequencies.
  • Heavy duty tubular plates for excellent cycle life (1500 cycles at 80% DOD and 5000 cycles at 20% DOD).
  • Low self discharge rate of 3-4% per month at 27°C.
  • Capacity to withstand partial state of charge operation (PSOC) and also Deep Discharges.

Range and Applications

contact and for further information. Batteries can be selected from the above range for a given application. Contact HBL for your battery sizing requirements.