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Submarine Batteries

Submarine Batteries

HBL has developed the design and manufacturing technology for a wide range of submarine batteries. The product superiority comes from a fully equipped modern facility that has machines for Pressure die casting of low antimony tubular spines, forming and plating copper stretch metal, Resin transfer moulding of high shock resistant fiber glass containers and a fully automated cell test facility.

Superior Features

  • The positive tubular plate electrode is made by pressure die-casting using a low-antimony lead alloy
  • The cell cover is made of high quality Glass-fiber Reinforced plastic (GRP). It is resistant to dilute sulfuric acid and is designed for demanding standards of shock resistance
  • A measurement sensor in form of a lead strip is provided between the container walls and the rubber lining to sense any possible acid leakage from the cell container
  • Each cell is equipped with an acid circulation system. Compressed air from submarine’s pressurized air supply system is used to circulate the electrolyte inside the cell using the principle of an air pump
  • Use of very low antimony alloys, high purity materials and superior separators ensures very low hydrogen generation rate making the battery very safe for use in submarines

Product Range

  • 12391 Wh to 40300 Wh


  • Submarines

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