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Spun Concrete Telecom Towers

HBL has manufactured and erected Spun Concrete Towers for telecom of 40 meter height for the first time in Asia. This is another "first" from an Asian company that has several distinctions to its credit. With this engineering and technological break-through, HBL now pioneers green-field applications for telecom towers.

Spun Concrete Monopole is suitable for installations at Prime Locations to improve visual impacts and at locations with space constraints. Metro Cities, parks, even road dividers in city area and at highways can accommodate this tower easily. Long elevated flyways with- in the city area experiences major signal breaks during travelling through them, the reason could be the shortage of ground space. Monopole is the only solution for this problem for its requirement of extremely low ground space.

Applications :

Spun Concrete towers have designed for varied usage such as :

  • Telecom Towers.
  • Radio Communication E.g., TETRA projects, installation of FM radio antennas etc.
  • Disaster management - Installation of security equipment in high wind and cyclone prone areas.
  • Electrical Transmission (132KV, 66KV lines).
  • Pre-Fab Bridge structure.
  • Pre Fab Structure Columns.

Codes & Standards/ Approvals :

  • Indian Standard IS 875 : 1987 ( Part III) for telecom towers.
  • Design Approved by IIT - Delhi.
  • Approved by SERC- Chennai.

Advantages :

  • Extremely slender and sleek design.
  • Cost Effective & Pilferage Proof.
  • Occupies much less ground space (Bottom dia. 1.2Mtr).
  • Easy to Erect & Install in a very short span of time.
  • Extremely durable with a very long life (No corrosion, No Chemical reaction, No deterioration). There is virtually no degradation even in the most severe weather conditions & long lasting.
  • Completely maintenance free (No anodizing, painting etc.).
  • Much better wind withstand capacity.
  • Suitable for Cyclone Prone Areas (withstand high gale and wind loads).
  • Eco Friendly, Aesthetic and can be tailored to meet the specific application.
  • Solar panels can also be installed on tower to generate renewable energy.
  • Meets all safety Standards/ requirements.
  • Camouflaging best suited.
  • Proven Technology world over.

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