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Spun Concrete Piles

Pre-stressed Concrete Circular Spun Piles are an International phenomenon and in use all over the World particularly in Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Korea for quite some time.

HBL Power Systems Ltd is a pioneer in manufacturing of High Strength Pre-Stressed Spun Concrete Products in India.

High Performance, High Strength Pre-Stressed Spun Concrete Piles offers an economical deep foundation system with consistent and superior quality compared to cast in situ & other concrete piles. We have a vast experience in the manufacturing of pre-tensioned spun concrete products. We are using the latest concrete technology and leading the market position in spun concrete piles.

HBL Spun concrete piles are circular in cross- section and are manufactured in sizes ranging from 350mm to 600mm diameter with standard lengths varying from 6m to 12m in single segment.

Spun concrete piles are manufactured by centrifugal compaction process which gives uniform and assured strength with high reliability with usage of M-80 grade of Concrete.

Spun concrete piles can be easily joined to any combination of length as per design requirements and manufactured with steel end plates for splicing. Spun concrete pile do not require any special driving equipment, the conventional hammers can be used for pile driving.


These piles can be widely used as foundation pile for Power Projects, Steel Plants, High Rise Buildings, Civil Engineering works, Bridges, Marine Structures, Harbors and Government Projects etc.


MS 1314 : PART4 2000.


  • Manufactured in longer length up to 12m.
  • Low unit weight, hence lower cost.
  • Grade 80 concrete enables the piles to be driven through hard strata.
  • Spinning results in denser concrete, reduces water cement ratio and hence increases concrete strength further.
  • High flexural strength.
  • Absence of torsion cracking.
  • High resistance to corrosion especially from sea water.
  • Consistent quality under factory conditions.
  • High rate of production ensures early completion of projects.
  • Eliminate casting yard at site - a distinct advantage in urban re-development projects.
  • High early strength enables the pile to be driven 10 days after manufacture.

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