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Spun Concrete Poles

HBL Power Systems Limited offers state-of-the-art technology Precast Pre-stressed Spun Concrete Poles for Power Transmission. We produce spun concrete transmission poles that offer best utility and value for money.

We take advantage of inherent strength of concrete and follow stringent quality control procedures. Spun Concrete Transmission Pole is the result of technological expertise using centrifugal casting and spinning to produce a dense, durable concrete, slender & elegant Spun Poles.

Spun Concrete Poles is an excellent option for WIND Energy projects due to its circular form and absence of edges/angles, the magnitude of wind forces acting on it is less than on rectangular pole for the same projected area and wind forces are diffused because of circular structure.

These poles are available in the height of 11-13Mtr single segment, hence can be used for double & triple circuit also.


  • Concrete Spun Poles are used for applications like:
  • L.T/H.T/EHV Transmission Poles/Towers.
  • Street Yard lighting.
  • Traffic signals.
  • Overhead electrical traction poles for Railway electrification.
  • Grid Sub-stations Structures.
  • Telecommunication.

 Codes & Standards / Approvals

  • IS 13158:1991; Approved by RDSO


Some of the superior features of Concrete Spun Poles are:

  • Cost Saving.
  • Easy Availability.
  • Pilferage proof.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Easy to Handle & Transportation.
  • Stronger & uniform.
  • Better Aesthetic.
  • Equal strength in all directions.
  • Stay anchors are considerably reduced.

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