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Electronic Interlocking System

Electronic Interlock

HBL Rail’s Electronic Interlocking System developed to Indian Railways RDSO specification 192/2005 and designed to provide the operator with total control over the yard for ensuring safe movement of trains. HBL Rail’s Electronic Interlock has been developed in compliance to CENELEC standards and meets the highest Safety Integrity Level requirement (SIL-4).

HBL Rail’s Electronic Interlock is a distributed system with the Central Interlocking Unit connecting to the yard elements through Object Controllers. Both the Central Interlock Unit and Object Controllers have triple modular redundancy for ensuring better Reliability & Availability.

 Optical Fiber Cable connectivity between the CIU and OCs reduces need for copper cable and results significant savings in CAPEX and OPEX during subsequent maintenance.

The Maintainers’ Terminal offered as a part of HBL Rail’s Electronic Interlock, provides information pertaining to health of the system and online yard status to the maintainer and facilitates timely system maintenance.  

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