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Train Collision Avoidance System

Train Collision Avoidance System - TCAS

HBL Rail’s Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) is a unique system that offers both ATP features as well as Collision Avoidance features. TCAS is designed and developed to meet RDSO specification SPN/196/2012 Version 3.1.1.

TCAS is designed as per CENELEC standards to meet the highest safety standards.

Superior Features of TCAS

ATP Features

  • SPAD detection and prevention
  • In-cab Signaling
  • Loco Speed monitoring and Control

Collision Prevention Features

  • Prevention of Head-on Collision
  • Prevention of Rear-end Collision
  • Prevention of Side-on Collision


  • SOS alerts facility on Loco and Station equipment
  • Derailment Alert
  • Detection of Train Parting
  • Detection of Train Roll-back HBL’s TCAS is a highly cost-effective solution as compared to typical ATP systems and offers many more features for ensuring passenger safety to protection of rail assets. 

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