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Battery Monitoring System

Our Battery monitoring system ensures the optimal usage of energy inside the battery powering the product. It smartly operates by preventing costly downtime due to unexpected battery failures. Traditional estimates, with proper management system can make battery life reach the level of design expectations.


One can effectively avoid the over-charging or under-charging of batteries to maintain uniformity among batteries to increase its shelf life. Analysis of data allows remedial action for individual cells to extend their life. Enables procurement of batteries though planned schedules, not emergency replacement. It can be left unattended at sites for data collections, or, by its integrated alarm features that assists the user to initiate the charge/discharge cycles. Monitors functions that involve the measurement of battery voltage, charge status or load activity. Control functions act on the charging and discharging processes of the battery based on these measured parameters.



  • Measures battery parameters such as individual cell voltage, string voltage, battery current, cell terminal / ambient (room) temperature.
  • Transmits data to a centralized control room/ remote location through Ethernet/RS485/TCP/GPRS.
  • Display of system status and fault alarms on a LCD unit
  • Protected against accidental mis-wiring and over voltage on all channel inputs
  • Provides Battery Ah, State of Charge, Residual life of the battery, time duration a battery can discharge safely by measuring, calculating and predicting battery parameters
  • Sends alerts of Alarm status, battery parameters during exigencies, battery summary through E-mail/SMS  
  • Provides warnings of impending malfunction based on set limits of voltage, current and temperature
  • Over the air configuration facility provides remote management of the system
  • Logging of cell/battery parameters (Voltage, Current and temperature) and alarm conditions with date/time of its occurrence. Generates/exports data into excel for further analysis and management.


  • Railways.
  • Oil & gas.
  • Telecom.
  • Power utilities.
  • Defence.
  • Backup power solutions.
  • Solar power.
  • Automotive.

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