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Torpedo Battery

HBL has been working extensively for the past 3 decades in indigenously designing and developing Silver Oxide-Zinc and Silver Chloride-Magnesium Batteries for Defence Sector applications. We at HBL, manufacture Silver Batteries using proven in-house technologies and designs.

All HBL Silver Batteries are designed and manufactured to conform with relevant International Naval, Air-force and Military standards. HBL can also design, develop and manufacture Batteries according to customized applications. HBL Batteries are safe and fail proof when operated and maintained under specified conditions.

Presently two types of Silver Battery chemistries are widely in use for Naval Defence applications

Silver Zinc Chemistry:

The active materials for Silver Oxide Zinc Battery are Zinc for the anodic part and Silver Oxide for the cathodic part. Aqueous Potassium Hydroxide is the electrolyte for this Battery.

For Silver Chloride Magnesium Battery, Magnesium is the anodic part and Silver Chloride is the cathodic part. This Battery functions using seawater as electrolyte. 

Applications: Silver Batteries are preferred for their high energy densities.

They find their major application in:

  • Torpedoes
  • Guided systems
  • Powering Missile electronic circuitry
  • Engine cranking and emergency power supply in Aircraft

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