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Integrated Power Supply

Integrated Power

We introduced India’s first Integrated Power Supply system in 1999 to provide reliable and continuous power at minimal costs considering both capital & maintenance. With backup from a single battery, IPS ensures power availability of all voltages, AC or DC, for all the S&T loads in station obviating the need for independent UPS of the loads in each station.

An IPS system comprises of various modules such as Switch mode rectifiers, Inverters, DC-DC converters, Transformers and AVRs.

Superior Features:

  • Simplified, centrally located with remote alarm panel.
  • Standardized, modularized.
  • Low volume, Less weight.
  • Design flexibility with n+1 redundancy and parallel operation.
  • High efficient, high power and low THD.
  • Input voltage protection.
  • High power density.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Display of system status and fault alarms on a LCD unit.
  • Provision for Local/Remote monitoring for viewing system status and faulty alarms.


  • Railways.

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